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Cancellation and room modification policy

Book room:
All booking, confirmation, modification and cancellation information will be requested to be sent directly to Pullmanphuquoc.com’s front desk by phone or email at:
Phone: +84 (0) 297 267 9999
Email: info@pullmanphuquoc.com

Check-in and Check-out:
– Check-in time is from 12:30 on arrival
– Check-out time is from before 12:00 on the day of check-out
– Early check-in is subject to hotel availability. The Reception Department flexibly handles early check-in or late check-out if the Reception can control and ensure according to the available room capacity on the system, specifically as follows:
– Customer’s request for early check-in or late check-out received by the Sales Department is subject to confirmation and is subject to the hotel’s reconfirmation of occupancy and room availability.
In case the guest wants to guarantee early check-in, the following surcharge will be applied:
♦ Check in before 6:00 : 50% room rate on arrival day
♦ Check-in from 6:00am – 10:00am: 25% room rate on arrival day
♦ Check-in from 10:00-12:00: 10% room rate on arrival day
♦ Check-in after 12.00 : free of charge on arrival day
– Customers can check out late or extend their stay based on room availability, but must notify the hotel’s receptionist in advance and apply the following surcharges:
♦ Late check out before 15:00 : 15% room rate of the day of check out
♦ Late check-out before 18:00: 25% room rate of the day of check-out
♦ Late check out after 18:00 : 100% room rate of the day of check out

The hotel reserves the right to impose the following cancellations:
If you cancel your room 24 hours before arrival – completely free of charge
If canceled after 24 hours before arrival, 50% of the room fee will be charged

If you cancel your room due to natural disasters, epidemics, wars..-completely free of charge

If you change your booking date in case the hotel is still available on that date, it’s free of charge
All canceled bookings must be received by the hotel via email madcow@pullmanphuquoc.com, or phone/zalo to hotline +84 (0) 297 267 9999

Children Policy:
♦ For children under 6 years old: free extra child bed, served according to guest’s needs (maximum 02 children sharing bed with parents)
♦ 3rd child under 6 years old sharing with parents: free use of existing bed in the room (maximum 01 child sharing bed with parents) If guest requires extra bed, extra bed price will be calculated according to regulations.
♦ Children from 10 years old and above: charged as adults, surcharge for extra person or extra bed at the prescribed rate

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