Pullman Phu Quoc Beach Resort - Luxury hotel - MANGO BINGSU



What is worth melting more than a bowl of Bingsu shaved daily at our Lighthouse Bar from VND 150,000 ++?

The delicate snow-like texture of the ice melts in your mouth, offering respite from the sun’s warm embrace, while the vibrant hues of mango dance in harmony with the azure ocean waves. It’s a sensory journey that transports you to a seaside haven, where time slows down and every bite is a reminder of the endless summer days.

After splashing all day long or strolling the entire sandy shores, our Mango Bingsu is the perfect beach resort treat, cooling your soul and capturing the essence of tropical paradise in every spoonful.

Accor Plus members enjoy up to 50% discount.

*Offer applied at The Lighthouse Bar

**Available daily from 9:30AM to midnight

Contact & booking: Email ha248@accor.com; Telephone +84 (0) 297 267 9999; Hotline +84 (0) 91 665 0248


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